Final Review of Bid (Bid Review) before Submission

The final review should involve a critical assessment of the responses in-line with the published scoring system to ensure that maximum marks can be allocated to responses.

The final review assessment ensures responses:

  • Demonstrate the capability and capacity to deliver against requirements
  • Provide clear and apparent supporting examples and evidence
  • Clearly meet all specification criteria (where possible) and are easy to read

Points to Consider When Reviewing Your Bid

Language There are no typos and definitive/assertive/positive wording and phrases are used. Any new concepts or terms are defined clearly
Structure Logical flow (mirroring the question), headings, bullets, and tables are used to maximise the ease of reading
Feature, advantage, benefit The responses ‘complete the circle’ and are on the whole client benefit-driven
Examples and Supporting evidence Any claims or aspirations are supported by statistical or grounded evidence
Unique Selling Point(s) Most of the client benefits listed are derived from a unique service offering and therefore cannot be imitated
Differentiating Response is supplemented with additional elements/comments not explicitly asked for which demonstrate experience and competency
Omissions The solutions directly respond to the question, tackling the root, rather than providing a surface level response

The Methodology for the Bid Review

  • With as much time possible prior to the tender submission, a CA consultant will review the bid and your final draft submission, and mark against the evaluation criteria – scoring; excellent, good, indifferent, or weak
  • For good, indifferent, or weak answers, we provide solutions and enriched answers.
  • Either pre or post submission (depending on submission deadline) we undertake a face-to-face or phone session with your internal stakeholders to run through the enriched answers and the rationale as to why we have suggested the responses given.

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