Bid ‘Kick Off & Strategy’ Session

Bid ‘Kick-Off & Strategy’ Session

The Bid Kick-Off & Strategy (BKS) session reaffirms your bid pre-qualification and should clearly detail the way in which you will win the bid opportunity. If the approach is not clear, then proceeding with the opportunity should be re-evaluated.



  • The core bid team
  • The project approach; including roles and responsibilities
  • Your USPs and Win themes
  • The project timelines; draft dates set by the project lead


Objective Understand exactly what the bid specification is asking for and how the bid can be won based on these requirements.
Requirements Understand what evidence is required to reassure the client of the solution being proposed.
Outcomes Understand the key actions, roles, and responsibilities needed to deliver the above objective and requirements.


  • Strengths competitors cannot imitate
  • Key Win Themes and USPs: Will need to be used throughout responses for consistency
  • Additional Key Points to Consider: differentiation, examples and evidence, pre-bid engagement knowledge

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