Case Study – Medac Pharma LLP

Case Study – Medac Pharma LLP


About Medac Pharma LLP

Medac Pharma LLP specialises in product development and the treatment of diseases within the key areas of oncology, autoimmune and urology.

About Lauren Barnham

Lauren has worked for Medac Pharma for 10 years. She is responsible for tender management and oversees this process from start to finish.

The Challenge

When I started with the business, we were using a competitor product which we found cumbersome to use, which put us off using it for anything other than the daily email alerts.

We also lacked support from their team to be able to get the most out of their system, which considering how expensive the system is, was disappointing.

We wanted to find something more cost effective and user friendly, with better customer support options.

The Solution – Contracts Advance

As soon as I saw Contracts Advance, I knew it ticked all our boxes. It is easier to use, much more cost effective and we’ve enjoyed a really high level of customer support from their Customer Success Team.

“Contracts Advance is significantly better in terms of ease of use, cost and customer support.

Key Benefits

Implementing Contracts Advance

The implementation of Contracts Advance within our business was seamless. Our Customer Success Manager took us through the process through a series of virtual sessions. I’m confident using the system, knowing I can easily make changes to tailor it to our needs and the Customer Success Team is always happy to help if I need extra assistance.

The Outcomes

The application is essential in making sure we never miss a relevant tender opportunity. We still use authority notifications due to the nature of our industry, but Contracts Advance acts as a fail-safe. It sometimes even notifies us of opportunities in advance of the authority, giving us an all-important head start against our competition!

Since implementing Contracts Advance in 2020, we’ve realised several core benefits including:

“We’ve reduced costs significantly in using Contracts Advance over competitor products.”

“Our Account Manager is brilliant at keeping in touch to make sure the software is working for us.”

“I’ve only needed support once and the Customer Success Team are great!”

“We sometimes hear of tenders through Contracts Advance before they’re sent by the authority, so we can get a head start!”



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